[plug] Fonts for X11 -- and other Linux SW

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Tue Sep 15 08:08:31 WST 1998

For those who haven't seen them yet, almost any Linux software can be
found via http://freshmeat.net (and yes, they have a search box on the
main page), and all manner of interesting announcements pop out on
http://slashdot.org - not just Linux, unix or even computer oriented!
FreshMeat also have a facility for automagically mailing you their
update list (typically a dozen to 20 packages each day) when they close
it and roll over to the next day.

If you're after scientific stuff (s/w to run your particle accelerator,
analyse weather patterns or explain why the Poineer satellites are
flying too slowly; that kind of thing), try http://SAL.kachinatech.com .

There's also a lot of software on other unix archives which either runs
out-of-the-box on Linux or is very easy to port. One of my favourites is
the HP-UX porting centre (e.g. at http://hpux.petech.ac.za/).

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