[plug] initrd.img

Kent Ian Ian.Kent at fujitsu.com.au
Wed Sep 16 14:34:06 WST 1998

>Ive had some problems upgrading the kernel on a RedHat 5.0 machine that
>has its system on an IDE drive and it's homes/applications on a scsi
>disk. The kernel build's without errors and it boots ok but after a few
>days it hangs.  Has this anything to do with initrd.img? I thought that
>if the system was on the ide drive this wouldn't be needed.

No and Yes.

>I built the kernel from the standard sources.

Should not make any difference. I have done the same thing without problem.
You might like to check the man page for mkinitrd and make an updated one anyway 
(although it won't actually do anything).

The only thing that the initrd image does is load any modules that might be 
needed during boot. The RAM disk image is disgarded (or copied to /initrd, if it 
exists, I think) after boot.


Ian Kent

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