[plug] Loss of X mouse control

chris mcdonald chris at cs.uwa.edu.au
Thu Sep 17 08:48:12 WST 1998

    I am also a newbie and my problem is with a Microsnot 3 button mouse on
    RedHat 5.0.
    What I've found is that after doing the "startx", I then need to
    navigate around the screen to get to the xterminal, where I do a
    "mouseconfig" and the mouse immediately responds. I've checked all the
    dev settings and they are OK, ...........so maybe X just doesn't like
    3button mice of whatever flavour.
    I'll be interested to see what other responses you get.

I'm unsure if you have a stupid IntelliMouse or not, but your symptoms are
exactly those described (and fixed) at


X loves 3-button mice, and defines up to 10-button mice in its protocol.

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