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David Campbell campbell at torque.net
Thu Sep 17 15:22:23 WST 1998


> Not so.
> If you use the command
> nslookup -type=mx ami.com.au
> you will find that a machine at omen.com.au is listed as a mail exchanger.
> However, you can't address email intended for me to their machine.


A MX record means that the machine will accept email on the behalf of the target
destination. You should also see a "priority number" (lower is prefered), basically
omen.com.au will be asked to spool email should none of the MX record machines
with a lower number are available.
Perhaps most people don't know about the forwarding email through a third party.
Perhaps this is what Lindsay is trying to avoid. Basically it works like this:

an email to => user%host1.domain1%host2.domain2 at host3.domain3

will be received by host3.domain3 which will drop everything to the right of 
(and including) the"@". It will notice the "%" in the user name. The default
action is to convert the right most "%" to "@" and then process it.

Hence the email is addressed to user%host1.domain1 at host2.domain2
and is promptly sent to host2.domain2.

host2.domain2 does the same thing (drop the "@###" and convert right most
"%") so the email is now addressed to user at host1.domain1.

If you don't believe this actually occurs, check the email headers of this

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