[plug] LOCAL: Perth, West OZ - HPA Speaks! - Monday 27Sep98 1900

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Fri Sep 25 10:23:28 WST 1998

* * *  PLUG -- Perth Linux Users Group -- is pleased to announce...
* * *

This september's PLUG "Bazaar Occasion" will be different. World
reknowned Linux Kernel Developer and RedHat Install contributor (-: no,
it's not David Campbell this time :-), a man with his initials in a
thousand source files and whose name gets subliminally imprinted in your
brain every time you do a RedHat install, H Peter Anvin (HPA), will be
giving us a live presentation!

If you have bazaar things to do, front up at 1830 (6:30 PM); if you
don't, appear before 1930 (7:30 PM) at the University Computer Club,
UWA, off Hackett Drive in Nedlands.

For a map of the location, see
http://www.general.uwa.edu.au/support/disability/maps [133K] and aim for
reference F5. In the enlargement at H4, you're aiming for the notch in
the south side of the building above Shenton House.

For a virtual tour of the premises, see
[21K]. You are facing north along the east side of the Guild building.
To see the actual venue (pix there aren't very clear, but better than
none) go L, F, R, F about eight times (up the stairs) until you're
looking along a corridor with a rack and a set of stairs in it. Click on
the person. BTW, if stairs are a problem for you, don't fret, many hands
make light work, even of wheelchairs. While you're on the site, visit
the UCC's on-line Coke machine at
http://ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au/services/drink.html [24K].

Direct all PLUG telephone enquiries to 0411-655-020; visit our website
at http://plug.linux.org.au to join our mailing list. Visitors to this
list from Australian states (or nearby islands!) without a user group,
or from users of other versions of Unix, are most welcome to join the

PLUG meets semi-formally on the SECOND TUESDAY in every month at the
Digital-now-Compaq offices in Havelock Street in West Perth (near the
railway station), and informally every FOURTH MONDAY for a bazaar-style
hands-on solutions clinic at the UCC (see above).

Where did the USS Yorktown want to go that day? Windows NT -- supporting
world peace. (-:

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