[plug] Difficulty trying to load Slackware 3.1 system onto 4mb RAM 386SX

Peter Caffin pc at it.net.au
Sat Sep 26 19:20:08 WST 1998

David Buddrige wrote:
> I think that the basic problem is that the install program loads the
> entire (root) file system into a RAM disk, which has the effect of
> using up all (or most) of the available RAM.

Right at the beginning of the installation, you should create a swap
partition (16M should be fine) and use 'swapon' *before* using 'setup'.

It's all covered in the installation HOWTO from memory.. It's definitely
covered in the little booklet distributed with the Infomagic CDROM set
of May 1995 (though that might not be all that helpful to you). If you
need more info, let me know. I'll type in the relevant bits of procedure
for ya.

It'll definitely work with Slackware. Up until the middle of last year,
I had a 386SX system with 4M and a 200M drive running Slackware..

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