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Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Thu Apr 1 10:28:31 WST 1999

Richard Sather wrote:
> what itssa's offering
>         use of the club room for the duration of the meeting (power/netconnect
>         chairs tables etc etc - the usual guff)

> whats definite
>         microwave , fridge full of drinks/chocolate, the toilet isnt
>         downstairs and doesnt have cockroaches. there is also no rat.
>         airconditioned atmosphere
>         the tutorial rooms directly outside are ok for small groups
>         theres two lecture theatres for bigger stuff within 20 metres
>         the tavern/manics is/are further away (food at Carawarra + Vic Pk)
>         parking after 5.30 is free + more of it
>         we have gaming sessions a little more frequently than the ucc(AFAIK)
>         no cost network connection
>                 caveat
>                 - the majority of itssa hosts are on an internal network
>                 192.168.128/24 and feed a natd box that belongs to
>                 dssrg (distributed systems and security research group), you
>                 have to connect via the natd box.
>                 - this keeps the local it staff happy, theres no misconfigured
>                 winbox crud or intra itssa traffic on the backbone and they
>                 dont have to worry about novell problems.
>                 - and keeps the computing centre happy ,they get a correctly
>                 configured dns, someone who will apply their rules etc etc
>                 i.e. strictly academic use and nothing but NT/compaq.

> whats semi definite
>         rooms shouldnt be a problem , theres no shortage of space so PLUG
>         wont conflict with classes. also the guild hires to outside
>         organisations and charges based on what the org charges AFAIK no door
>         fee => no/nominal hire fee - but in any case - being guests of itssa
>         => no fee since you are providing an educational enhancement for itssa
>         members :-).

> whats out/unfortunate
>         cant offer membership with a computer account on the outside box to
>         non students. you can host a machine here but given that it would have
>         to have open access to itssa members aswell as be blocked from incoming
>         connections (cant have proxies etc etc) - i'm not sure of its value
>         to PLUG other than being a goodwill/promo jesture.
>         we dont have 25 years worth of hardware piling up (no Xterms unfort)
> [snip]
>         anyway - thats about whats on offer - in a nutshell,
>                 ucc - dirt + quality facilities + less network hassles
>                 and Mondays is still a good night.

How say you all?

Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, "Where have I gone wrong?"
a voice says to me, "This is going to take more than one night." 
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