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Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Thu Apr 1 11:47:19 WST 1999

Trevor Phillips wrote:
> I'm still a newbie to this group; Any particular reason the Demos are on
> Monday, and Fast Eddy's is on Tuesday?? Would it not be better to have
> both on the same night of the week? (I vote for Tuesday!)

Some members can only attend one or the other night. If we stuck to one
night only, there would be zero opportunity for them to attend anything
at all.

C: It's not much of a cheese shop, is it?
O: Finest in the district!
C: (annoyed) Explain the logic underlying that conclusion, please.
O: Well, it's so clean, sir!
C: It's certainly uncontaminated by cheese....
		-- Monty Python

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