[plug] Intercepting Default Beep

Mike Holland myk at golden.wattle.id.au
Tue Apr 6 13:34:13 WST 1999

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Trevor Phillips wrote:

> I was thinking something more generic, so all apps that beep are
> affected.

How do the console and X-server beep the speaker? I cant find any
reference to a beep/speaker device. A device would be the logical way.
Nor can I see a specialised system call (though that would be ugly.)


> >    Doing the same for a text console is probably kernel territory.
> Yeah. It would have to be fairly deep in the system. Maybe to do with
> Device behaviour (eg; if stdout gets a ^G, do something different).

That isnt deep. ^G becomes a beep in the earlier mentioned places -
the console and *xterm.
   Gui apps use the bell in X    (see XDeviceBell(3X11)),
 but X doesnt support any other sound, despite being horridly bloated.

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