[plug] Compression under PPP on a Red Hat 5.2 box

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Wed Apr 7 20:07:52 WST 1999

> A couple of questions about PPP compression
> 1. Does the pppd on a Red Hat 5.2 box support STAC compression (this is
> mainly for dial up to a server by 56k modem for downloading of files) ?
> 2. If STAC compression is used does anything have be changed on the Red Hat
> box ?
> 3. Does the pppd 2.3.5 (I think that's the one that comes with Red Hat 5.2)
> support MS STAC ?
> 4. What about Van Jacobson compression ?

man pppd

> At the moment I have a dial in server at work that I can dial into with Win
> machines and my Linux box, however I am just tweaking the last little bit
> out of it and was wondering what people knew about the use of such
> compression with pppd

I manned pppd the other day and turned on the compression choices I saw. 
Seems the box at the other end (OS/2) doesn't know them.

John Summerfield
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