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Michael Hunt Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net
Wed Apr 7 22:58:33 WST 1999

I would probably look at reverse lookup files for the IP addresses. This is
usually the problem with long waits for a telnet session. Don't know about
your app but 10 minutes seems an awful long time.

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> Being new to Linux, I need to ask a fairly simple question.
> A client has a Linux server with an application running on it.  Three
> users access this application via TCPIP running on a 2- NT workstations
> and 1 Windows95 workstation.  One of the users (NT-1) can access the
> Linux login prompt much faster than the other two (NT-2 and Win95-1).
> All setups are the same, they are using the Powerterm on their
> workstations with only TCPIP running.  Anyone have any idea what
> could be causing the other two to access the login prompts at a slower
> rate.  What I'm saying is it takes only a few seconds from when the
> user (NT-1) double-click on the icon to get the login prompt whereas on
> the other two workstations it takes upwards of 10 minutes.
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