[plug] JOB: 6 month C Contract

Nick Rohrlach bers at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Thu Apr 8 16:48:50 WST 1999

Hey all.

There are jobs going here for C programmers.  The contract will be for 6
months starting mid May.  It is for development of a new product and will
involve writing software for a microprocessor embedded controller and
writing emulator + test software.  This job would suit IT or Electrical
Engineers and CS/IT people with good knowledge of hardware. Linux
knowledge is essential as the emulator will be written for Linux boxes.

It will be 40 hours per week, flexible time.  The pay is negotiable to
attract the best programmers.  Large performance bonuses are being offered
for excellent work and such people will be offered full time positions.

IHG Technologies Pty. Ltd. is soon to be a wholly owned subsidiary of IHG
Limited which will be listed on the ASX in mid May.  IHG develops the
Intelligent Home Gateway, a utility services (water, power, security)
controller.  The industry of bringing electronic services to the home is
in rapid change so jobs in the industry are full of variety.

The company is based in Fremantle and is an easy walk to lots of
restaraunts, cafes and pubs and transport with Circleroute stops close by
and the Fremantle Train Station a relatively easy walk away.  The culture
is highly informal for maxium performance and working in Fremantle
represents a good life style (little peak hour traffic and less noise).

Resumes (with details of similar previous work if possible) and queries
should be sent to me by email at nrohrlach at smart.com.au (my work email).


Nick Rohrlach

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