[plug] Fwd: [SLUG] Lucky 13 for Linux

Christian christian at global.net.au
Sun Apr 11 15:51:07 WST 1999

Greg Mildenhall wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, skribe wrote:
> > On 11-Apr-99 Chris Cornish wrote:
> > > You did fail to point out that with
> > > propritory software you are also limited to what is available
> > Not so.  It all depends on how much you're prepared to pay. =)
> Which would be true for free software as well.

Not really.  With free software you have the source code so the
limitations are more to do with your own skill (or rather, the resources
you have available), the time you can devote and the willingness of
others in the community to help you.  As Chris points out, I doubt
anyone could buy the source code of Windows NT and then modify it for
some very specific purpose.  You would have to rely on Microsoft to make
those changes for you and they would do so largely based on perceived
general customer needs/wants.  In Chris's example, Microsoft apparently
perceives stability to be less important to customers than, 
ease-of-use. ;-)



I'm not trying to give users what they want, I'm trying to give them
freedom, which they can then accept or reject. If people don't want
freedom, they may be out of luck with me, but I won't allow them to 
define for me what is right, what is worth spending my life for.
                                                    - Richard Stallman

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