[plug] printer problem

Larry O'Reilly nuser at ecoli.microbiol.uwa.edu.au
Mon Apr 12 14:45:54 WST 1999

I can not print from a linux (Red Hat 5.1) box, I recently setup from cd,
on a networked apple printer (do not know about non apple printers).

lpr -Plaseriig xxx gives no obvious fault or console error message. The
file goes into the spool directory as the cfccc and dfxxx files but do not
come out.

My printcap file has-

laseriig|g7|LaserWriter IIG PS on AppleTalk:\

lpc stat gives-

queuing enabled
printing enabled
1 entries in spool area
no daemon present

ps aux shows a lpd process. Stopping the lpd daemon and restarting it has
no effect before trying to print.

/var/log/syslog says no null file or directory (what is the null
file/directory?) and a new lpd which is (presumably) the lpd child process

nbplkup sees all devices, including laseriig printer, in the (appletalk) zones.

I do not know what null is, a file or a directory or nothing. Anyway using
a directory laseriig/null gives no entry inthe syslog file but lpc stat

queue enabled
printing enabled
1 entries in spool aerea
waiting for laseriig to become ready (offline ?)

However laseriig can print non linux box jobs.

The other alternative using null as a file in laseriig directory empties
the spool queue and lpc stat shows no daemon present.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

Larry O'Reilly
Department of Microbiology
University of Western Australia

9346 2056 Ph
9346 4519 Fax

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