[plug] Fwd: [SLUG] Lucky 13 for Linux

Trevor Phillips phillips at central.murdoch.edu.au
Wed Apr 14 13:00:51 WST 1999

Christian wrote:
> And so those people wouldn't be interested in it and wouldn't look any
> further.  Those who understood it and were interested would.  Is there a
> problem here? :)

No. ^_^
As I went on to say, I'm not comfortable releasing the source yet at its
current state of evolution. I'd like to reach a certain goal-point before I
release it upon the masses.

A point I missed earlier (I'm really terrible at these sorta discussions;
Always think up points at a LATER date). (Do I really want to go on and open up
this can of worms again? ^_^;;;)

Comparing a Hardware guy, who goes out, does 2 hours work fixing a computer,
and gets $100 for his time, to a Software guy, then yes, you CAN duplicate the
software with no overhead (well, little), but usually the Software guy has
spent a LOT of time on that work. If you spend 40 hours on software
development, then to get the same as the hardware guy ($50x40 = um ... $2000),
then, say, you could sell 200 copies at $10 each. That's inexpensive software,
and the developer gets his payment.

Why don't I just be quiet now? Seems on this issue there's strong feelings for
all three sides of the argument. And I'm tired. And missing the PLUG meeting.

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