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Now, for the under-$500 Linux desktop

By Nancy Weil
BOSTON - Add to the ever-growing list of PCs priced below $US500 a machine
that uses the Linux operating system.
CPU Micromart said recently that its e-commerce Web site,
http://www.thelinuxstore.com/ is now selling a Linux computer called the
"ion" for $495.
The computer uses Red Hat Software's Linux 5.2 and has a 300MHz processor
from Advanced Micro Devices. The PC has a 4.3Gbyte hard drive, 32Mbytes of
SDRAM, a CD-ROM drive, internal 56Kbit/sec modem, speakers, a keyboard, a
mouse and the XWindows GUI. It also comes loaded with a variety of software,
including word processing, layout, multimedia, chat and Netscape
Communication's Communicator Internet browser, according to the CPU
Micromart Web site.
A free upgrade to 64Mbytes of SDRAM is being offered to the first 1000
buyers. The computer is a new configuration in the Element-L Linux System
line, CPU Micromart said.

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