[plug] Shhhhhhh no talking !!!

Tamara Thompson THOMPSON at gate.sunquest.com
Fri Apr 16 01:54:09 WST 1999

I've started the presentation with a history of unix, Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, the PDP-7 etc.  And the talk is mainly about the AIX and OSF boxes we support.  But how can I talk about unix and not plug Linux?  <smile>  So the last of the talk is about Linux. 


>>> Bret Busby <bret at clearsol.iinet.net.au> 04/15 10:43 AM >>>

Hello, Tamara.

This is my first attempt at using Star Office 5 for email. We have 
just got the Linux Internet connection set up tonight (it's 0140 on 
Friday, here in Perth).

Is the history about UNIX, or Linux, or both?

Bret Busby

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On 4/16/99, 1:27:50 AM, "Tamara Thompson" <THOMPSON at gate.sunquest.com> 
wrote regarding Re: [plug] Shhhhhhh no talking !!!:

> >>> "Michael Hunt" <Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net> 04/14 11:27 PM >>>
> Has the PLUG mailing list become a library ?

> I see very little chit chat going on here ?

> Hahaha!

> Hey, guys, tomorrow I'm giving a basic intro to Unix for some of the 
people I work with.  I want to end it with a brief history and pitch for 
Linux.  :)

> Any suggestions, ideas?  I'm rather running out of words the more I 
work on this talk.

> Tamara

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