[plug] Setting up a monitor

Josh Devlin joshua.devlin at start.com.au
Sat Apr 17 11:17:45 WST 1999

Original message from: Kim Covil <kimc at ned.dem.csiro.au>
> How many people would be interested in a "talk" on how to write your own
> modelines for XFree86?
> I was debating holding a talk on this earlier but thought with the advent
> of X configuration GUIs and monitors that will sync to just about
> anything, not too may people would have any use for it, but if enough
> people show interest, I might prepare a talk for when we find a suitable
> meeting place again.
Yep I would be interested... I have managed to come by a few older
fixed-frequency monitors that I would love to get working (an old 19" 
one in particular)
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