[plug] WinE and cheese night, etc

Bret Busby bret at clearsol.iinet.net.au
Tue Apr 20 00:12:20 WST 1999

Is the WinE and cheese night not going to be held next Monday? Is next
Monday going to be a general kind of workshop night? Is next Monday meeting
still on, with it being a public holiday (I have been told that it is an
imitation Anzac Day holiday)? I have just been to the web site, and it
appears that a meeting will be held on the 26th, and that it will be a
general workshop kind of thing, at UCC, at 1830. I am just wanting to

Also, I have today received the May 1999 copy of Australian PC Magazine.
People may be interested in the Linux section, which, amongst other things,
reviews and compares the major distributions. It has a chronology of the
development of open source software, including Linux, Apache, Free BSD, etc,
and a procedure for installing Linux. An article in the section, states that
Apache accounts for 54% of Web servers, Microsoft for 23%, Netscape for 4%,
and others for 19%. The section (which, in checking, is named Open Source
Software), is 10 pages.

Bret Busby

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