[plug] .telnetrc or Expect for telnet automation?

Nick Bannon nick at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Fri Apr 23 12:03:23 WST 1999

On Thu, Apr 22, 1999 at 03:33:06PM +0800, cthart at gbs.com.au wrote:
> Surely some variable like REMOTEHOST will be set?

Not in general - but trying to figure out a REMOTEHOST is a tcsh feature
that is occasionally enabled. Your $version variable should include
"rh" if that option has been compiled in. You could also try to figure
it out from "last -1 `whoami`" or some similar sort of thing.

mermaid: ~>echo $version
tcsh 6.07.06 (Astron) 1998-04-08 (i386-intel-linux) options 8b,nls,bye,al,ng,rh,nd


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