[plug] Re: Laptop problems with ZIP drive and serial ports

David Campbell campbell at gear.torque.net
Sun Apr 25 07:28:20 WST 1999

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> Thanks, that would be great! But unfortunately I haven't checked my
> mail till tonight. Anyhow, I'm up in Alexander Heights and I
> wouldn't expect you to make that long a trip.

Yes, that would be a bit of a haul for me (living south of the river).

> I could possibly drop by some place if that would be easier for you
> (after all, it is a laptop, no monitor to carry!).

How about the UCC (University Computer Club) tommorow night, the 
Perth Linux Users Group (http://plug.linux.org.au/) are having a 
meeting. The meeting on Monday is meant to be a "fix-it" session (it 
was going to be a WINE and cheese night but the main agitators were 

> I don't want to put you out. If anything I suspect it's the
> hardware that's the problem. I can't even get linux to see my
> serial comport. Luckily it has no problem with the pcmcia card
> modem.

Not even listed in /proc/ioports?

If that is the case then we really need to take a close look. Make 
sure you know how to enter the BIOS settings (eg: bring along the 

I wonder if anyone else in Perth has had similar problems.

David Camobell
campbell at torque.net
"This is not an office, rather Hell with fluorescent lighting"

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