[plug] Thanks for zip help now cdrom prob!!!

Desir`ee (dez/zed) dynamix at wanet.com.au
Mon Apr 26 21:31:26 WST 1999

thanx to all the crew who pointed me in the right direction over my atapi zip
it turned out to need a `4' after the `hdb'   and voila magic...however
I have a scsi cdwriter..it is listed at boot up as `sr0 '
in kde it says under scsi that i have a scsi cdrom writer and identifgies it
under linux conf i have the advancsys etc all ok
but i cant mount it 
i get the message 
special scsi device does not exist

i tried mounting it manually and editing the fstab with sr0 and scd etc...
any ideas's???

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