[plug] COMPARISON BETWEEN NT AND LINUX PERFORMANCE (Retraction !!!!!) (2 4/04/99)

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The Truth is Out There and Bill Gates can not hid it  with more of is statistical companies....

> In a recent MindCraft study, the company claimed NT was running faster
> than Linux on a 4-way SMP Dell Box. This benchmark was sponsored by 
> Microsoft. Many Linux system administrators protested and said that 
> Linux was not well tuned. Thank you all who pointed me to the rebuttals 
> that were written by people that had time to look into the details a 
> little more than I did. The whole thing created quite a stir again in 
> the ongoing controversy. 
> But one participant in the discussion on the Sunbelt NTSYSADMIN list
> put it quite succinctly. I'm taking a short extract from his wise
> words.
> "Friends, Enough. Another OS is another tool.  You don't do all your
> programming in one language, you don't put all your money in one bank, 
> you don't watch just one TV show - why think that one-OS-fits-all?  
> None of them do.  I install, use, and support NT, Solaris, Linux, 
> IRIX and MacOS in my work environment. Cut the jabber - learn from 
> others how to pick and choose the "best" OS for the application at 
> hand."  Thanks DL Hilton!
> Here are some hotlinks. First the MindCraft results, then the others:
> http://www.mindcraft.com/whitepapers/nts4rhlinux.html
> http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/news/0%2C4586%2C2242246%2C00.html
> http://lwn.net/1999/features/MindCraft.phtml
> http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=99/04/14/0042212
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An extract from the Sunbelt NTools E-Newsletter 24/4/98

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