[plug] What do you school-age members think of SlashDot's HellMouth articles?

Tamara Thompson THOMPSON at gate.sunquest.com
Thu Apr 29 02:22:26 WST 1999

I'm not school age of course...

Wow.  Those are powerful comments from the kids.  Brings out an empathy.  It is so true that there is no venue for their voice here in the land of the free.  hmmm.  

I remember Jr High and High School as horrible social environments, not very academically oriented.  It was as though the school was a place to be socialized, or ostricized, and not a place of education.  

<whew>  I had no idea so many kids still felt like that.  They are right about the insanity of blaiming the Colorado incident on games or guns or clothing.  

It's just a symptom of a very ill society when the young begin self-destructing.  


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