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And Ian Kent replied

>At 08:35 PM 29-04-99 +0800, Bill Cullen wrote something like:
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> >
> >Some of us have suggested that there might be a better way (cheaper
> >and faster). We are suggesting that they use squid for the proxy. We
>About $4000 cheaper at my last count.
> >have also said that squid should be able to authenticate users using
> >samba. If we add a samba server to there domain and have it act as a
>No. Samba is an independent package that can pass on authication to an NT
> >bdc will squid then authenticate using the NT domain information?
>No. You can, however use proxy-authentication. Refer to Squid FAQ 10.2 and
> >
>snip ...
>Ian Kent

There seems to be a few misconceptions floating around about Samba.

As a member of a Microsoft workgroup it works fine. As a member of an NT 
Domain (which is different to a workgroup) it is also fine. It is at this 
stage (2.0.3) not yet ready to work as an MT Primary Domain Controller (PDC) 
though most of the functionality is there and the rest is on the way. There 
is currently nothing planned to allow it to act as an NT Backup Domain 
Controller (BDC), something to do with Macro$ofts not releasing any 
specifications for to protocols involved in Domain Controller 

Having said all the above a site which contains all you need to know about 
Squid using NT password authentication is at

Brian C

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