[plug] Health Department lecture theatre

Matt Bruce Matt.Bruce at alphawest.com.au
Fri Apr 30 11:46:13 WST 1999


Colin <cthart at gbs.com.au> wrote:
>What about the conference room at the Garden Office Park, Herdsman?
>I work here as does Teik Oh who was at the UCC meeting I attended a few
>weeks ago.
>It's about 5 mins walk from Glendalough railway station.

How about the Conference Centre in QV1?
Or the Telstra Theatrette on Stirling St? 
Or a recreation centre in any suburb? 
Or the Emerald Hotel on Mount St? 
Or the upstairs RPG addicts room at Valhalla? 
Or a training room at one of Perth's ISPs? 

There are many options -- and a number of them are free (or with a token fee
or entry on the webpage thanking them). I recommend QV1 or iiNet's training
room (if they have one) -- then I don't have to leave the building. ;) hehe

Just a thought, :)

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