[plug] RedHat 6.0

Kim Covil kimc at ned.dem.csiro.au
Fri Apr 30 23:19:08 WST 1999

> Cool. For a small fee would you be able to make it a physical CD ?
> > > Is someone with faster net access than me and access to a CD 
> > burner able to
> > > do a copy of RedHat 6.0 for a small fee.


Shouldn't be a problem... do you want anything special on it...? I 
usually put staroffice, occasionally wordperfect, and any rpms that I
happen to be playing with on the CDs I build... 

On that note does anyone on this list know enough about rpm to build a
wrapper for staroffice and wordperfect... I would love to be able to
put them in the installation package list on the cd but I don't feel 
like reading up on how to create rpms...

As for the fee... Umm... a blank CD and a beer sometime is fine... or 
if you don't have a blank I think I have some around here somewhere...


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