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*tears rolling down face*

editor at segfault.org wrote:

> Stallman the Troll, Richard the Friend
> Straight from the department of Column/Editorial
> So, we all know by now that I am a controversial writer. I had written
> this article about RMS the same night that I wrote the Bob Young
> story, but told Scott to delay it a couple of days. Yeah, Scott lost
> it somewhere, so now I have to write it again. My dumb ass didn't save
> a copy...
> Anyway, contrary to popular belief, I deeply respect and am very fond
> of one Richard Stallman. My first impression was that he was an ogre.
> I got to know the fellow better, and now I adore him, despite the
> hygene thing.
> I'm not all prickles and stings, you know?
> Anyway, this is a short funny: a little bit ago, he was in San
> Francisco. Of course, he stayed at the coffeenet. Richard, Kieran, and
> I were sitting at one of the long tables. Kieran was across from me,
> Richard beside me. Richard and I were trying to make dinner plans for
> when he was in town.
> All of a sudden, Richard disappears. When he came back, he was gently
> passing some type of heavenly soft cloth over my forehead, back and
> forth. It felt nice. Uh, it felt nice for a minute- Kieran pipes up,
> "Uh, Richard, why are you rubbing your underwear on her forehead.
> The shock. The horror.
> "Well, they're clean!"
> What kind of detergent do you use? Does it have bleach? What
> temperature and cycle do you use?
> "Richard! Get that the Hell off of my head! What are you doing?!"
> "I thought it might be a nice sensation."
> "Uh, gross, that's your underwear!"
> I do have to admit that he must use some killer fabric softner,
> though...
> Written by Mae Ling Mak <maeling at earthling.net>
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Oliver White

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