[plug] Crypt/Decrypt?

Mike Holland myk at golden.wattle.id.au
Sat May 1 18:13:57 WST 1999

> If I were you I'd be asking myself why you want to encrypt your files. 

To avoid any legal repercussions?

> Assuming no one else knows your password and your permissions are set
> correctly, there is no need.

But anyone with physical access to your computer can read it, e.g.
by booting from floppy.
Passwords only protect from electronic access.

>   If provides very little, if any, protection at all - I suspect

Thats true. You dont need the NSA to crack the crypt algorithm.

> So if you really want to encrypt your files securely (and you feel you
> need to) then my suggestion is to look at something in the general
> vicinity of PGP.

Get PGP from ftp://ftp.pgpi.com/pub/pgp 

Then "pgp -c <filename>" to encrypt. It will prompt you for a passphrase.

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