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Bret Busby bret at clearsol.iinet.net.au
Tue May 4 18:46:03 WST 1999

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On 5/4/99, 4:41:31 PM, "Rob Hall" <rhall at echidna.stu.cowan.edu.au> wrote 
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> Speaking of staroffice, I've had trouble with email.  It reads (or 
sends or
> deletes) the email fine, then just freezes.  After about a minute the 
> disk goes crazy.  If I do a "top" I find that it's using about 97% of 
> time!  Then it just dies.  I restart it and everything has been 
> correctly.  Weird.  Anyone else had something similar?  Any clues to 
fix it?

> Regards,

> Rob Hall

It sometimes works okay.

Sometimes, it processes correctly. Other times, it just crashes.

If it crashes like you have said, after using "top", I have to use 
kill -9, to get rid of it.

I have also found, that if I close xwindows, without exiting star 
office, I have to reboot, before I can use Star Office again.

At the moment, in Star Office, if I stop, to proof read the email, a 
yellowish box appears, which goes across the screen, from somewhere 
beyond the left edge, to the right side, that appears to be some kind 
of help thing. It's the kind of thing that makes me want a fly swat, 
to hit it with.

Bret Busby

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