[plug] Internet oppression - watch your backs!

Rob Hall rhall at echidna.stu.cowan.edu.au
Wed May 5 08:53:36 WST 1999

What has any of that got to do with free speech???


Rob Hall

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> Rob Hall wrote:
> > You say that they might find Linux objectionable... can I stop laughing
> > now...  I think common-sense tells us that this is not the spirit of the
> > legislation nor what will happen.
> If you are naive enough to be believe that.....
> Just look at the last almost 100 years since federation, the federal
> government has slowly but surely assumes powers from the the states.
> Take fuel excise to pay for roads as a recent example.
> The ant shifts the rock one grain at a time, and after a while there is
> no rock. The government is the same. Take franchising as a case also. A
> very successful part of the economy, half of all jobs created in Aus in
> the last 4 years are in the franchise sector and the new government
> legislation has sent it into a tail spin.
> We should resist this strenuously.
> Alex Polglaze

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