[plug]Guns and Linux

Michael Hunt Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net
Wed May 5 11:36:15 WST 1999

> > Is anyone running RH 6.0 on a 486/25?  I know I know.  What a
> stupid question
> > .  But my boss wants to install it this Friday.  <argh> The box
> will then be
> > used to run some software called 'Satan' <not kidding> which
> will launch a Ne
> > tscape Communicator window on a remote users pc and provide
> some sort of stat
> > istics, I believe.  My job is to help my boss install RH on the
> box. Think RH
> >  5.2 would be a better bet?
> I used to run Linux on a 486dx33 (the box got taken apart and
> reassembled:
> it's now )P133, 96 Mb).
> More important is the amount of RAM (and of disk space). If you
> have 16 Mb
> and 500 Mb should be fine. My web pages are served from a 486DX100 16 Mb
> 420 Mb which also handles my mail & collects information and
> files for me:
> at the moment it's a staging area for RH 6.
> Satan is a network analyzer: looks for security holes. Subject to RAM and
> disk space, should be fine. I see no advantage in 6 over 5.2 though.

C'mon a 2.2.x kernal; over 2.0.36 ????? Ok I suppose you can upgrade and
compile a new kernel on the 5.2 box but you need to update packages and well
... I'm just lazy and I like having everything on one CD *grin*. Still if
you know how to do it I would suggest customising/optimising the kernel for
your 486 by doing a recompile. Get rid of some of the non required hardware

What about using Saint though ? I believe that this is the newer version
(son of Satan ? ) of the network analysing tool that is available and has
quite a few advantages over Satan. (But that is just natural in the battle
of good v's evil).

> --
> Cheers
> John Summerfield
> http://os2.ami.com.au/os2/ for OS/2 support.
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