[plug]Guns and Linux

Mike Holland myk at golden.wattle.id.au
Wed May 5 12:14:07 WST 1999

On Tue, 4 May 1999, Tamara Thompson wrote:

> Wow, this thread is more dangerous than the 'Good Times' virus.  Look at all the time and bandwidth spent. 

  The reason for all the off-topic posts is probably that you cant mention
guns in usenet without attracting every total nutter online.
  Its emotional enough with a bunch of intelligent Linux users.

> Back to Linux?   <smile>


> Is anyone running RH 6.0 on a 486/25?  I know I know.  What a stupid question.  But my boss wants to install it this Friday.  
<argh> The box will then be used to run some software called 'Satan' <not kidding
> which will launch a Netscape Communicator window on a remote users pc and provide some sort of statistics, I believe.
  My job is to help my boss install RH on the box. Think RH 5.2 would be a better bet? 

Ugh. please stop with the 500 column lines.
There are no stupid questions, as him-with-mr-hat says.
Some of us remember running Linux on a 385/25 with 8MB, but not fondly.
I forked out lots of $ for an extra 4MB to run netscape. These days, you'd
better make it al least 16MB.

hang on ... Satan is probably just acting as a mini-web server, so
it might not need that much RAM.

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