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> On 04-May-99 Mim M wrote:
> > So it is up to us to "tell" the government.

> We are all the government.
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We wish! Oh, for democracy!

We are not even going to be given a choice as to whether we become a 
republic; only whether a particular model is to be adopted. If we 
don't like the model that the people in canberra want to impose on us, 
tough bikkies; no republic!

Methinks, in that, we have a lot to learn from Tamara's predecessors. 
They got a republic, and the real people were allowed to become 
involved (well, in sinking the ships at Boston, anyway).

Hence, the need for people to voice their concerns, at moves like the 
legislation to oppress people who use the Internet, as suggested in 
the message from Michael Malone, of the EFA, that I posted, 

If people sit back and do nothing, and they are aware of what is 
happening, they have only themselves to blame, when the crunch comes.

If people try to stop the oppression, and fail, at least they have the 
knowledge that they did something, to try to stop the oppression.

I have brought the matter to the attention of the PLUG people,and to 
others; and have emailed my concerns to a senator, who is not bound by 
factionalism and party policy, but rather by concerns for people 
(hopefully), so, hopefully, something will come of that.

But, if everyone else sits back, and believes that we are all deciding 
what happens in this country, without actually doing anything, then 
those people have decided that it is not an issue worth doing anything 

Bret Busby

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