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Michael Hunt Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net
Thu May 6 12:16:20 WST 1999

> Leon Brooks wrote:
> > Oliver White wrote:
> >
> > > But I personaly would advocate giving up your right to bear
> arms. Many domestic incidents would be avoided, where the ability
> to kill imdediately, whilst in a rage, is made possible. These
> kinds of crimes make up the bulk of your shooting deaths, I belive.
> >
> > Actually, the bulk of these incidents involve things like kitchen
> > knives.
> The bulk of shooting deaths? Geeze, they sure know how to finish
> the job ;)
> Oops, was going to stop posting to this thread.

The only shooting that goes on in the domestics that I have been to, usually
involve one of the parties getting it in the foot. And that is the one who
is holding the weapon

However the latest innovation in 90's domestic violence seems to be a throw
back to the good old rat poisoning of the 50's. One party I knew spent a
week recovering when served some soup recently. When asked "what are these
blue things floating around in my soup ?' the answer that came back was
"Crotons !!!"

The sad fact was that the first party believed the second party and ate the
soup !!!!!!!

Michael Hunt

P.S. No the above example was not me !!!!!  After all I do Linux sys admin
so I am smarter than that.

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