Why Gnome (was [plug] Distro Wars)

Bevan Broun bevanb at ee.uwa.edu.au
Thu May 6 15:59:52 WST 1999

on Thu, May 06, 1999 at 03:34:23PM +0800, Greg Mildenhall <greg at networx.net.au> wrote:
> 6. They contributed a whole lot of code to GNOME, which does rock.

Ok - I have held back on installing Gnome on my home machine 'cause I
cant see what the hell it's going to give me. 

I use Window Maker as my window manager and like the few "dockable" apps
that I use (a clock and an X cut buffer thingy). I DONT want a mail
reader app or a newsreader app (mutt and slrn in rxvt is good for me). I
LIKE my apps and window manager to be independent things - ie I like
that I can change my window manager and run the same apps.

I have looked at the looked at the software map for Gnome and see the
usual X apps with some Gnome extentions so they look nice together - Is
there more than this? Is it all cosmetic?

I spend most of my time either writting code (vim/gvim,xxgdb), using a
terminal to another host (rxvt/ssh) or surfing. Is Gnome just going to
chew some memory/cpu to make it all look a little prettier?

Someone tell me something good about Gnome that I might like considering
the sort of work I do.

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