[plug] Y2K (formerly Linux isn't there yet)

Bevan Broun bevanb at ee.uwa.edu.au
Fri May 7 11:27:37 WST 1999

> -------------------------------------------------------------
> Sorry! You can't use this web server
> This web mirror is provided as a service to AARNet (the Australian Academic
> Network), and as a non-core benefit is made visible to IP
> networks which are reached at a domestic/onshore tarrif via Optus Internet. 
> You may not be able to connect because you don't have a registered hostname
> with DNS, or because the DNS name or IP address is
> determined to be 'offshore' to Australasia. 
> The non-core class *excludes* most Continental-USA, European and
> Asia-Pacific IP networks. International traffic from Australia really does
> mean 'the rest of the world' 
> If you believe you have been blocked because of DNS problems with your IP
> address, Please contact your local system administrator to
> get this fixed. We need you to have the "reverse IP" domain mapping in order
> to detect a ".au" hosted IP address. 
> -------------------------------------------------------------

The trick would be to go to www.samba.org which will then point to the
correct mirror.

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