[plug] Modem troubles

Brad Campbell brad at seme.com.au
Thu May 13 16:14:43 WST 1999

Bradley Browne wrote:
> I used to have another phone plugged into the same wall socket but I
> found i could not get calls on it if i had used the modem before it, a
> most common scenario, and so disconnected it because it wasn't doing any
> good being there.  This previous scenario might have caused the problem
> you detailed but I do not have any other devices connected to the phone
> ATM so I cannot explain it.  My phone, when I plug it in so my
> girlfriend can give me a wake up call (too much late night compiling
> goes on at my house :-), seems to hang the line up fine so I don't know.
> Thanks for your ideas though,
> brad
I have an old netcomm here that does the same thing.
In regard to the REN mentioned above, most modems look to have a REN close to 
zero while they are on hook, as the only load they impose is for the ring detect.

This old netcomm just loads the line to much while on hook, and so every now and
again you have to unplug it and plug it back in to reset it.

Sounds like time for a new modem.....

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