[plug] Network Woes

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Wed May 19 18:05:05 WST 1999

Nigel Duff wrote:

>         Ok, so basically the machine can't talk to each other, pings time
> out etc. I do the following to setup the card and route,

> ifconfig eth0 netmask up
> route add -net netmask eth0

> /sbin/route -n gives

> Kernel IP routing table
> Destination  Gateway     Genmask             Flags Metric Ref Use Iface
> 203.59.xx.xxx UH    0      0     0   ppp0
>   U     0      0     0   eth0
>       U     0      0     1   lo
>     203.59.xx.xxx      UG    0      0     12  ppp0

> (as an aside, if i want to set this machine up as a gateway, do i just add
> route add default gw 203.59.xx.xxx eth0 ?  Which gives me a SIOCADDRT:
> Invalid argument)

The machine's gateway is aleardy there (last line of routing table). If
you want other machines to hit the internet through it, you need to do
something like ipfawm -F -a m -s -d 0/0 and set the
gateway on the _other_ machine(s) to be this one's ethernet address
( Doing a route add before the -net is good
juju but usually makes no difference for me.

> On boot up the BIOS reports the card as using IRQ 11. It also says the
> serial card controller is using IRQ 11. Whoever cat /proc/interrupts says
> only the network card is on that IRQ.

> Here's my Dmesg.
> caduceus kernel: ne2k-pci.c:v0.99L 2/7/98 D. Becker/P. Gortmaker
> http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/drivers/ne2k-pci.html
> caduceus kernel: ne2k-pci.c: PCI NE2000 clone 'RealTek RTL-8029'
> at I/O 0x6800, IRQ 11.
> caduceus kernel: eth0: PCI NE2000 found at 0x6800, IRQ 11, 00:40
> :05:E5:27:40.

> So, do i have an IRQ conflict? If so how do i change the IRQ's. Nothing in
> the BIOS setup jumped out at me. Any ideas on what else it might be?

cat /proc/pci might tell you more.

The RTL8029 cards suck, but suck consistently. What sort of serial
controller do you have?

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