[plug] Mail and IMAP server questions.

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Thu May 20 22:30:56 WST 1999

> John Summerfield wrote:
> > > It depends on your setup... if you have more than one machine then IMAP
> > > is good because it means that your "users" can log in from any machine
> > > and still have access to all their mail regardless.  Especially if the
> > > machines dual-boot Windows and Linux then this is a huge advantage.  (or
> > > does the setup you describe do this also in which case why not use IMAP
> > > which was designed for the purpose?)
> > > IMAP was insecure betaware when I set it up. Home directories are shared
> > with NFS and Samba for those times when someone runs OS/2 or Winders.
> > Nobody here uses anything other than Linux for mail though.
> I assumed you meant it was running on a home network in which case
> previous IMAP vulnerabilities shouldn't cause a problem... I assume your
> wife/children aren't going to try and break into your system... ;-)

You are correct, but I have noticed Evil Ones trying to penetrate from 
your side of my modem. I don't willingly run any software that offers an 
open invitation.

> > > Another handy thing is the mod_roaming module for Apache which allows
> > > your users to store their settings (mail filters, address book,
> > > preferences, etc.) on a web server somewhere and download them for each
> > > session.  I've installed this but haven't got it to authenticate
> > > properly yet.  If anyone's cluey with Apache and/or mod_roaming then
> > > please feel free to make suggestions...
> > 
> > The entire LAN's in one room. roaming means playing musical chairs (and
> > computers).
> Obviously your family is a lot more orderly than mine. :P  And, like I
> said, the machines are dual boot and maintaining separate address books
> and settings etc. gets to be quite a pain.

Possibly age: Daughters are in their 20s, and lack of games. And there are 
three computers between four users. Apart from the daughter with her own.

John Summerfield
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