[plug] Microsoft is asking us for our opinion!!! 8-)

Christian christian at global.net.au
Tue May 25 08:56:47 WST 1999

"Buddrige, David" wrote:
> It seems that microsoft is asking for the public's opinion of their legal
> issues... they have set up a web-site whereby you can post your opinion to
> them (and to the US Congress)...
> http://www.microsoft.com/freedomtoinnovate/
> Naturally I felt compelled to oblige them with this letter (sent both to
> congress and to M$)...
> I think Microsoft deserves a full disclosure of our opinion - especially
> seeing as they have so graciously asked us for it??? hmmm??  (unfortunately,
> it seems to only work with Internet explorer - netscape users will find
> their is an error when you try to post using netscape - but heck, _this_ is
> a good reason to boot up IE - one last time... 8-)

It works perfectly fine in Netscape 4.6 for Linux.  I didn't try the
link to the Congress site since (obviously) I'm not a US citizen but the
Microsoft comment submission site worked fine.  The error you got was
probably some temporary problem with IIS... :)  It would have been truly
ironic though if Microsoft was claiming that they didn't have the
freedom to "innovate" (so THAT'S what they call it...) and they weren't
allowing people to make comments unless they were using their browser...


Christian. :)

I'm not trying to give users what they want, I'm trying to give them
freedom, which they can then accept or reject. If people don't want
freedom, they may be out of luck with me, but I won't allow them to 
define for me what is right, what is worth spending my life for.
                                                    - Richard Stallman

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