[plug] PAP for RedHat?

Marc strkefoc at vianet.net.au
Wed May 26 15:08:59 WST 1999

With Redhat theres a communication centre where you set up the modem and the
pap setup sometimes the smart people who set things up use pap as well as a
script like my isp does so suggestion is to figure it out by setting pap up
and if it works great if not then have a look at the debug page and see what
it says

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> Is there a Idiots Guide to getting PAP going under RedHat available?
> I've been asked how I dial in to the servers here at Murdoch, so the
> Comms guys want to do a Linux Howto.
> Under Debian I just use pppconfig, which asks for the standard info and
> then sets up PAP. Anything similar for RedHat??
> Alternatively, anyone else dial in to Murdoch under Linux and want to
> let me know how you do it? Then I'll collate the info and pass it to the
> Comms guys...
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