[plug] SETI?

Christian christian at global.net.au
Wed May 26 16:56:56 WST 1999

Matt Kemner wrote:
> SETI at Home uses the idle time of your computer to help search for ET's
> phone calls.
> Have you seen the movie "contact"?
> Finding "it" is much more insteresting than with distributed.net etc. :)

Not wishing to start an argument, but I disagree. :)  At least with
distributed.net you *know* there's an answer...  The distributed.net RC5
challenge is starting to have people lose interest since it's taken so
long and there doesn't appear to be that much progress - how much worse
is the search for something a lot of people don't even believe exists? 
SETI at Home has the "cool" factor going for it right now but it won't be
long before people get tired of searching for little green men that
quite possibly don't exist.



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