[plug] SCSI and Dual CPU's ...

bk at bofh.ns.ca bk at bofh.ns.ca
Wed May 26 16:02:50 WST 1999

> Can anyone reccommend one or more good Dual CPU Slot-1 boards?? Pref.
> one that can work with one CPU (ie; get one now, upgrade with another
> the same later...)

Soyo d6iba. I've run it with one cpu for under a month. However, linux
spurted out weird messages about processor #255 being detected, heh.

> Another issue is SCSI: I REALLY need to get me a decent SCSI card (the
> old Adaptec ISA card is, well, old and slow ^_^). Is it worth getting a
> board with built-in SCSI? (And if so, any reccommendations? Single
> and/or Dual)

this soyo mb has onboard scsi. In my opinion, it's far cheaper to purchase
onboard scsi than a pci scsi card. But if price isn't a concern and you
want ultimate performance with multiple scsi harddrives, consider the
high-end scsi cards. I'm happy with 13mb/sec throughput with my uw hd.


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