[plug] what we need is a good (generic) document describing why the legi slated ISP requirements cannot 'reasonably' be implemented...

Buddrige, David dbuddrige at switch.com
Wed May 26 23:58:32 WST 1999

As you are aware, our clue-challenged government has decided to pass
legislation making ISP's responsible for content on their servers and (more
importantly) to take _resonable_ steps to block porn sites...

However a clause which (might) be the saviour of the internet in australia
is this (as understood from article -->

	"We are only requiring ISPs to take reasonable steps. We are setting
up a framework that allows regulation of the internet to be tested on an
ongoing basis. It will be organic. It will evolve."
Ok, so if we are required to use "reasonable" steps, if we can (corporately)
produce an on-line document that explains adequately why basically there are
no reasonable steps to be taken, then no steps need be taken...
I suggest that the document should be Open content licensed or somesuch to
avoid any problem with maximum number of ISP's simply posting the page
(modified to suit their own needs) and be done with this stupidity....
what says everyone?


David... 8-)

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