[plug] Censorship - this thread needs a new home...

Peter Caffin pc at it.net.au
Thu May 27 23:48:27 WST 1999

I found this at http://www.smh.com.au/news/9905/27/pageone/pageone7.html:

 Angry Internet service providers turned on the Government after its
 bill to censor the Internet passed the Senate yesterday.

 Requests from Government computer users were diverted to a protest
 page which made the users wait 120 seconds before reaching their
 desired destination.

 "Get used to the delay," came the message. It was a warning that the
 plan would slow the system.

This is really swish! Who's doing this? Has anyone got a quick-HOWTO we
can send to all the ISPs we can find? :)

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