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Buddrige, David dbuddrige at switch.com
Fri May 28 08:35:09 WST 1999

I think the current law is like making a shop owner criminally responsible
if one of his customers uses a swear word while in his/her shop... I mean,
how can you possibly comply with such a law, without closing the shop???!!!!

that's my $0.02 anyway

DAve.... 8-)

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> On Thu, 27 May 1999, Mike Holland wrote:
> >   He hadn't paid money for these (which would have been encouraging
> > child abuse), or distibuted them, or anything else which might hurt
> > anyone. No suggestion of any paedophile behaviour.  Does this seem a
> > little worrying?
> Someone I know was browsing through the 
> alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.female newsgroups with "Free Agent", which
> for some reason caches all files it downloads.
> While he was going through the images, he saw one or two "child porn"
> ones, as they tend to be posted to the erotica newsgroups - so he just hit
> "next" without realising they were still sitting on his HDD.
> One of his neighbours was with him at the time, and decided to call the
> cops on him for a joke.  Some joke - the computer got confiscated, and the
> person in question got into a lot of trouble over it. I'm not sure what
> the final verdict was, but I know he got charged for possession of child
> porn.
> This is scary stuff.
> I've always wondered if one day the cops are going to walk in to my
> office, and walk out again with our news server under their arm. I'm sure
> they'll find _plenty_ of kiddie porn on there if they knew where to look.
> Are ISPs to be responsible for each and every post that comes through the
> newsgroups?
> what about email?
> Once these laws start being enforced, what's some entrepreneuring company,
> hit badly by the loss of people from Australia buying password accounts to
> their porn sites, setting up a mailing list and charging for entry, and
> sending out their porn using PGP or the like?
>  - Matt

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