[plug] Arguments in favour?

Christian christian at global.net.au
Fri May 28 10:20:31 WST 1999

Hi all,

With all this debate on the censorship bill I'm seeing all the old
arguments (that I certainly agree with) as to why censoring the internet
is a bad idea and unworkable and unfair etc. - are there actually any
arguments in favour of it?  From what I read in the paper the other day,
everyone (including their own consultants) told the government that such
censorship was unworkable so why are they pursuing it?  I know
politicans aren't always the brightest (or at least, sensible) of people
but they're totally stupid.  Harradine's ditched the GST, (close to)
everyone hates it and everyone says it's unworkable - so why is the
government pursuing this?


I'm not trying to give users what they want, I'm trying to give them
freedom, which they can then accept or reject. If people don't want
freedom, they may be out of luck with me, but I won't allow them to 
define for me what is right, what is worth spending my life for.
                                                    - Richard Stallman

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