[plug] SCSI and Dual CPU's ...

Oliver White ojw at iinet.net.au
Tue May 25 02:09:12 WST 1999

Trevor Phillips wrote:

> Oliver White wrote:
> >
> > What are you planning to run on this beast? Having upgraded my P133 from
> > 32MB to 64MB, I couldn't justify spending money to upgrade it
> > further. Running X/Navigator/irssi/GNOME/WM and an xterm or two, I find
> > everything running very smoothly. Then again, as a student with little
> > cash, I probably have a different perspective. What does the 400+MHz crowd
> > think of this view?
> What am I planning to run? Quake3Arena, Half-Life/TFC, etc, etc, etc ...
> Yeah, I'm a Games Addict. ^_^ My current P200 is sufficing for
> work-related things, but it's falling a bit behind in the games. Plus,
> it doesn't hurt to have extra speed for things like compiling; it's just
> not as time-critical as things like action games.
> And after the upgrade, I can give the P75 Linux Gateway back to work and
> make the P200 the server. ^_^

That's what I figured, just using it for games. It seems that game consoles are
the way to go, in conjunction with digital TV at least. Apart from games, which
would be better serviced by a dedicated console, or even a accessory for a
computer, is there anything else driving the desktop market? Doesn't seem like
it. Will be interesting to see where the industry goes, anyway.

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