[plug] 1984

Christian christian at global.net.au
Sat May 29 11:12:51 WST 1999

Mim M wrote:

> It seems to me that parents are the only ones to decide when their children
> should learn about a particular topic, after all they know better than
> anyone when their children are ready.

I agree completely.

> If the government wants to be 'parents' to all children out there, maybe
> they should provide a little more financial support to implement all those
> rules it feels necessary to impose on families.

You're right here too... except worse than what you've said here, the
government doesn't want to be 'parents' to all the children out there
but also 'parents' to all the adults too!



I'm not trying to give users what they want, I'm trying to give them
freedom, which they can then accept or reject. If people don't want
freedom, they may be out of luck with me, but I won't allow them to 
define for me what is right, what is worth spending my life for.
                                                    - Richard Stallman

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